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How to resume work at sea as a first timer

Resuming work at sea as a first-timer can be an exciting and challenging experience. Here are a few steps to consider as you prepare to return to work at sea:

  1. Review your training and qualifications: Make sure you have the necessary training and qualifications to work at sea. This may include obtaining a valid maritime certification, such as a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) or a license as a deck officer or engineer.

2. Update your resume: Update your resume to include your training and qualifications, as well as any relevant work experience.

3. Research potential employers: Research potential employers in the maritime industry, such as shipping companies, cruise lines, or offshore drilling companies.

4. Apply for jobs: Apply for jobs that match your skills and experience. Be prepared to provide references and documentation of your training and qualifications.

5. Prepare for the work environment: Familiarize yourself with the work environment at sea, including the living quarters, the schedule, and the duties and responsibilities of your role.

6. Seek support: Seek support from colleagues, friends, or a therapist if you are feeling anxious or uncertain about returning to work at sea.

By following these steps, you can prepare to return to work at sea and succeed in your new role.

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